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"I just received my score back from my School Counselor Exam that I took last Wednesday and I am so pleased to share that not only did I pass but made a 279/300! A 93%!!! I was so confident while taking the exam and have you all to thank. I appreciate all your help, guidance, listening ears, kind words, and vast knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am currently applying and interviewing for a school counseling position and am in my 2nd LPC course and loving it! I look forward to working with many of you again. Your hard work will shine through each person I am humbled and honored to work with.Sincerest thanks, Katie"

"I wanted to express how grateful I am that I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Oahu, Hawaii and attend the American Counseling Association (ACA) Conference. Attending my first ACA Conference was such an enlightening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to listen to all of the talented presenters and I learned a great deal of information. I left Oahu feeling inspired and enthusiastic about the many opportunities that lay ahead of me in my career. I am so grateful to Lamar for finding the funding so that I could have this great opportunity. I will never forget this trip and all of the information that I learned. Thank you so very much. Sincerely, Sean"

"It was so amazing to get the opportunity to experience the ACA conference in Hawaii this year. I just want to thank Lamar University for finding the funding for this experience. From the plane ride to Hawaii to sitting in the airport to come back home, I was constantly meeting and networking with presenters and attendees. The presenters were seasoned professionals with so much new information to share - I took so many notes and loved sharing the information with my cohort. Thank you again for the opportunity - it was an amazing adventure! Warm Regards, Jenna"

"The 2015 ACA Conference in Orlando was an experience that I will never forget. I felt welcomed, supported, and encouraged by every counselor or graduate student that encountered. I learned so much from the keynote speakers and sessions but the most amazing part of the conference was networking. I now have relationships with graduate students and counseling professionals around the country. I am very grateful that I was able to experience the ACA Conference as a graduate student because I learned about counseling/mental health career opportunities and settings that I never considered. I look forward to attending more conferences in the future! P. French"