Elevating Quality of Lilfe

WE SEEK students who share a desire to elevate life experiences of individuals and their families by focusing on the most instrumental needs of humanity.  People who love working to make others' lives thrive will be exceptional fulfillment in careers rooted in our programs. 



Students gain insight into the biological and chemical structures and processes that dictate nutritional health, as well as the social skills important to productively counseling clients, with the expectation of becoming a Registered Dietician
FCS General

FCS - General

Students gain a well-rounded education from coursework in a variety of the FCS areas of study, allowing them to customize their program and providing exceptional flexibility in their appeal to potential employers
teacher certification

FCS - Teacher Certification

Students participate in coursework that is focused on FCS areas of study combined with a cluster of education courses, positioning them to pursue middle and high school FCS teaching positions
FCS Building

Family Studies

Students study families and their individual members from a variety of perspectives (e.g., psychology, economics, physiology, law, etc.) with the expectation of obtaining employment as human services professionals
Fashion Retailing

Fashion Retailing and Merchandising

Students develop, both in terms of their creativity and their business acumen, for the purpose of gaining professional employment in the fashion industry
Foods and Nutrition

Foods & Nutrition

Students learn about the properties of foods and human physiology, while including a minor or emphasis areas that allows them to tailor their academic program toward their own particular nutrition career interest

Hospitality Administration

Students are instilled with the competencies necessary to operating a successful hospitality facility, and may further specialize in culinary arts, restaurant management, or lodging/properties management

Graduate Program

Students pursue at a graduate level their interests in one or more of our areas of study--nutrition, family studies, hospitality administration or fashion--through either a thesis or non-thesis track, resulting in the M.S., Family & Consumer Sciences
Contact us to learn about specific degree plans and coursework to discover if a Family & Consumer Sciences program makes sense for you.